Plugins Guide

As part of our commitment to continuously enhance your experience on the Jakarto platform, we are pleased to introduce our modules, plugins, and extensions. These extensions are aimed at enabling our community to interact more efficiently and flexibly with the platform's content.
Our plugins are designed to simplify your interactions with the platform by providing a user-friendly interface for intuitive use. We are actively working to make these tools even more accessible.
We also strive to optimize the efficiency of your work through our extensions. They are designed to offer simple yet powerful features and seamless integrations with your environment.
Flexibility remains a fundamental cornerstone of our approach. Our extensions are crafted to be adaptable to your specific needs.
We rely on your feedback to improve our extensions. If you have additional integration ideas or identify missing features, we encourage you to let us know. Your contribution is invaluable in helping us shape these extensions to meet your needs.
Last modified 2mo ago