• Allows querying the Jakarto platform's data warehouse to display images centered on selected entities.

  • Enables quickly assigning a status as an attribute to categorize the state of an entity.

  • Allows teleporting to Jakartowns from a single click on the main map.


1. Check your QGIS Version

  • Open QGIS

  • Go to the "Help" menu

  • Select "About" to display the QGIS version

  • Also, note the version of Python used by QGIS

2. Download the Plugin

  • Visit the download site : Download here.

  • Select and download the ZIP file corresponding to your operating system, your QGIS version, and the most suitable Python version.

3. Install the Plugin

  • Return to QGIS

  • Go to "Extensions"

  • Choose "Install / Manage Extensions

  • Click on "Install from ZIP"

  • Browse and select the previously downloaded ZIP file

4. Restart QGIS

  • Close the QGIS application

  • Relaunch it for the changes to take effect

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